Julie Swenson, MA, MBA

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Minneapolis, MN

Julie Swenson, MA, MBA

Social Media Manager / Content Creator / Engagement Driver


Martin County Takes A Look At Citizens' Internet Connection

In this internet age, some people can't go a few minutes without being connected. But in rural Minnesota, a good connection isn't always assured. That has Martin County officials launching a survey about internet service to learn more. Internet has become a vital part of life for many people, whether at home or work.
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At Prince’s house, heartbroken fans mourn ‘a piece of my childhood gone’

As soon as Kevin Lucken heard the news, he cleared his afternoon and drove to Paisley Park to honor the life and death of his favorite musician. Hooked on Prince since the fifth grade, Lucken guessed he had been inside the famed recording studio more than 100 times to see Prince perform. Over the years, he discovered a community there that was unmatched anywhere else in his life.
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OSHA's Coming Distractions

The Obama administration is on track to put four new OSHA rules into effect in early 2016, as well as to change how its inspectors prioritize the types of violations they investigate. These will have varying effects on the remodeling industry. Employers typically have to bring their practices and equipment into compliance within 60 days, though OSHA sometimes stretches that schedule.
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Press Release for Evolve Info Solutions

PAUL, Minn., Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolve Information Solutions, LLC, today announced that the company has joined the Infor Partner Network (IPN), a global network designed to provide the tools and resources to help grow a profitable and sustainable business around Infor products. Evolve, a full service technology consulting group based in St.
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Bridging MN

How Bridging became the largest furniture bank in North America. Fran Heitzman, Bridging’s founder, had just sold his landscaping business to his sons and was helping out as a custodian at Pax Christi Church in Eden Prairie. One day, a family brought in a piece of furniture and asked if the church could use it.
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Protecting against clotting after heart bypass surgery

In 1987, Robert Tranquillo arrived in Minnesota after a post-doctoral fellowship at Oxford University. With a passion for cell mechanics and mathematical biology, Tranquillo has led the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota since its inception in 2000.
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Interview with Public Relations Expert Julie Swenson

Julie provided real-life public relations information for students in Bonnie Harris' Integrated Marketing Communications class.
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Socializing: Connecting doctors to social media

Edina resident’s start-up wants to tackle medical misinformation online. It’s the first thing many of us do when we wake up and the last thing we do at night. It’s part of our routine. And today, social media continues to take hold of our lives, making everyone’s story hard to ignore. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything platform, today people are consistently turning toward social media to display their lives.
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Website for Evolve Information Solutions

Developed the content for this website to support the launch of a new technology consulting firm
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A new lab for improved testing

Dan Carlson's career focuses on making livestock healthier and improving how we test new therapies to cure disease. He works in the Advanced Reproduction Laboratory to Drive Innovations in Regenerative Medicine.
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Treating cancer using the patient's immune system

Dr. Walcheck is developing ways to grow large numbers of a patient’s own Natural Killer cells. More Natural Killer cells will help patients fight disease with fewer drugs and less downtime.
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Today is Day 1. Tomorrow might be too.

Jeff Bezos said that in a video message he sent to the Zappos team right after the acquisition. We watched it in a class at St. Thomas last week and it stuck with me. I love the idea of always starting over, starting fresh. Not just because I am always trying new things, but because there’s so much power in being free.
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Julie Swenson, MA, MBA

Energetic and flexible, I'm always ready to take on new projects.

Recent certifications:
* Writing, Publishing & Social Media for Healthcare, Harvard University Medical School CME, 2016
* Bronze Level Fellow in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, 2016
* Social Media Certificate Program, University of St. Thomas, 2015
* Mini MBA in Healthcare Management, University of St.Thomas, 2015

Target Corporation - worked in IT where I managed communications to support major technology roll outs.

Abbas Public Relations - secured media national media placements, wrote press releases, and produced events.

Technology - Communications and PR in Computer Sciences Corporation's Consulting Division and Marketing Project Manager at PTC Software.



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